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Whitney Holbourn

Artist | Denver, CO

Since graduating from the Savannah College of Art and Design, with a BFA in Photo, I have spent the last ten years, gaining major experience in the art world. I started painting about seven years ago and haven’t looked back. For the last three and a half years, I’ve worked hard enough and traveled long enough to find myself doing large scale murals working with spray paint full-time. I have murals all over the country from Kentucky, Miami to Denver, etc…

One mural in particular has been featured by the New York Times, twice, once in a Hulu documentary and another in a history book.

I’ve currently taken on the biggest and most commercial project of my life for the last year in Tampa, Florida. Designing and painting over 14,000 sq ft of wall space and working with over clients.

Soon to be finished with that, I want to really start diving more into the NFT world. I have experience animating and working with crypto currency as I just showed in an NFT gallery last month, in Denver, Colorado. M y goal is to keep moving as fast as the art world keeps moving and never stopping.

My Resumé


2011 BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design

Solo and group exhibitions

2021 ‘MOTION, an NFT gallery show’ (Denver, CO)
2020 ‘Colorado Woman’s Show’ (Denver, CO)
2019 ‘To The Stars… Through Obstacles’ (Denver, CO)
2018 ‘Colorado Woman’s Show’ (Denver, CO)
2018 Group Exhibition, ‘The Order’ (Denver, CO)
2017 Solo Exhibition, ‘Neon Dreams’ (St. Petersburg, FL)
2016 Group Exhibition, ‘Collide’ (Tampa, FL)
2016 Group Exhibition, ‘Lust Multiplied’ (St. Petersburg, FL)
2015 Group Exhibition, ‘Portrait De Brew’ (Tampa, FL)


2022 ‘Untitled’, 80ft tall Mural (Louisville, Kentucky)
2022 Outside AirBNB Mural (Denver, CO)
2022 Immersive AirBNB Unit #1 & #2 (Denver, CO)
2021 ‘Secret Garden’ (Suwannee, FL)
2021 ‘Florida Avenue Brewery’ (Tampa, FL)
2021 ‘DMX’ (St. Petersburg, FL)
2021 ‘Obtuse’ (New Haven, CT)
2021 ‘ENCORE Beach Club, Stage Design’ (Las Vegas, NV)
2021-2022 ’KRATE’ shopping center (Wesley Chapel, FL)
2020 ‘Latitude/Longitude’ (Wynwood, FL)
2020 ‘Compass’ (Tampa, FL)
2020 ‘Chynna’ (Wynwood, FL)
2020 @Wingchow Collab (Denver, CO)
2020 ‘ Cycles’ (Denver, CO)
2020  ‘Longitude/Latitude’ – Art Basel (Miami, FL)
2020 ‘Compass’ (Tampa, FL)
2019 ‘Joan of Hearts’ – Desert Hearts (San Diego, CA)
2018 ‘Know Yourself’ – Art Basel (Miami, FL)
2018 ‘Welcome to Paradise’ (Suwannee, FL)
2018 ‘ Colorado Dreamin’ (Denver, CO)


2019 ‘To The Stars Through Obstacles’
2017 ‘Neon Dreams’


2020 Ila Gallery (Denver, Colorado)
2018-2020 Movement Gallery (Denver, Colorado)
2016 CASS Gallery (Tampa, Florida)